Passionate about Coffee for over 30 years

1989: In the beginning at Coffee Options Donegal...

It all began when Denis met Johnsons Coffee, a family owned coffee roasters in Ireland since 1913.

Denis had harboured the desire to provide and distribute great tasting coffee blends and high quality coffee equipment to the cafes and restaurants in the North West of Ireland, something of a rarity back in the late 80s, and he spotted a unique business opportunity.

Denis and the Johnsons Coffee hit it off and from there Multibev was born, and our journey had began.

To bring his dream to fruition, Denis would pack up his van with top quality beans and equipment, and head off selling door to door (or cafe to restaurant!). Pretty soon, the coffee became very popular and was in high demand, so he would be heading home each day with an empty van!

A family business

Denis’ 2 daughters Hannah and Helen were involved from a young age and are still helping out in whatever way they can, whether it be delivering coffee or providing Barista training.

Developing the business

Our range of services has been developed and redefined over the years. This has led to us gaining a well deserved reputation for providing the latest and best coffee equipment, all the up-to-date industry information, through to first class barista training. As well as providing great tasting coffee!

As our business grows, we strive to consistently provide premium quality products along with a top level personal service.

Our goal is to continue the development of long term relationships with our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years!

Our future

Being part of the fast moving and ever growing coffee industry over the last 30 years, we recognise the need to continuously adapt and change, both with the products and services we provide and how we deliver and promote them.

Consequently, we have rebranded ourselves from the original Multibev name, to Coffee Options Donegal, as we feel this now reflects perfectly the very wide range of services we offer.

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